Why Network?

My career at the moment sees me travelling regularly from city to city but what strikes me over and over again, regardless of location, is the sense of power and enablement gained when connecting with people in business.

I’m privileged to be part of the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses alumni group, as a result of which, a recent Monday morning found me walking past St Paul's cathedral, then on into a morning of networking and expert insights at the London Stock Exchange.

This event was a perfect example of the power of networking; it fulfilled both educational and emotional needs.

Clink the link to watch a short video capturing the power of the event. 

The educational element embraced some really powerful learning around access to finance, and delivered some high-powered connections.

Reason enough alone to attend the event.

However there was much more; on an emotional level the alumni network is a trusted group, a safe place to go to reignite your self worth, celebrate successes and share growing pains.

I spoke to many people, some having good times, some facing challenges, but what unites us all is that we all share doubts and emotional dilemmas.

Finding a collaborative and supportive environment to air these human vulnerabilities is something to be embraced and celebrated.

The expression of this vulnerability is the first big step to finding solutions, and we often find that others have experienced the same fears and anxieties.

Regardless of the persona we are projecting into the world we should not be afraid to be vulnerable.

Networking isn’t just about generating business leads, it’s about connecting on a very human and emotional level.

We often think that our business and personal experiences are unique but invariably somebody has already walked a similar path.

We can, if we are willing to be open and share our experiences, support each other through some of the more challenging moments involved in growing businesses and in developing ourselves.

Finding trusted friends in business and personal life is enabling and inspiring.

I’m sure everyone who attended the event left richer for the experience, whether that richness was educational or emotional matters not, both are equally empowering and enabling.

In the week that followed the event, I made new connections for myself and connected my trusted network to others.

I felt energised and ready to tackle my own challenges.

I felt inspired and ready to embrace new opportunities.

I found solutions to some of my own dilemmas and enabled others to resolve their challenges.

Without the positive foundation of Monday's event I would not have achieved so much.

We cannot always be who we expect ourselves to be, without support from others. 

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Keeley Molloy